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History of the meter
- Oct 28, 2016 -

First of power table (also said meters) is 1881 according to electrolytic principle made of, despite this power table each only heavy up dozens of kg, is heavy, and no precision of guarantee, but, at still was as technology of a items major invention by people of attention and praised, and soon to in engineering Shang used has it, with science and technology of development, 1888, Exchange electric of found and application, and to power table of development proposed has new of requirements. Through the efforts of scientists, induction type energy meter is born. Induction type energy meter has a simple structure, operational safety, cheap, durable, and easy to repair and production advantages of developing very quickly.

AC induction type energy meter is produced in the 1950 of the 20th century from the generic foreign energy meter starts, after more than 20 years of efforts, China's energy meter manufacturing with a level and scale of, along with the development of science and technology, and the induction Watt-hour meter overload ability, service life requirements. China in 80-90 years generation began has on long life power table, and electromechanical integration power table (half electronic type power table), and full electronic type power table, and multifunctional full electronic type power table, and prepaid fee power table, and complex rates power table, and maximum needed volume table, and loss power table, of development production, 2000 yihou these half intelligent type power table was widely application Yu family electricity, and commercial electricity, aspects.

2009, United Kingdom Government first will research production of first batch has network communications function of meters application to family electricity Shang Hou, China National Grid immediately in domestic proposed "intelligent meters" of concept: national grid company subordinates 26 a network province company, in 2009 second half of of when, concentrated developed has unified of technology standard, then are benefits in national grid company to built intelligent grid of big environment Xia, so put future by to procurement of power table unified called intelligent meters, Was the most important thing is the ladder to fix prices and remote meter reading problem and, of course, there are some functions later expanded. In fact, function in the same half of the smart meter has been reflected on the intelligent energy meter, is nothing more than putting on the meter by the national grid network communications and optical communication function, in the form of industry standards.