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Smart meter advantage
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Main types of smart meter with IC card meter, users IC card to the electricity sector contributions to purchase electricity, the electricity sector by selling management of electricity to be purchased will be written in the IC card users with IC card in the sensing zone brush contactless IC card (referred to as credit card, the same below), switching power supply, the power supply will take. When the remaining capacity of the table is equal to the alarm when the power, pull the power failure alarm (or buzzer alarm), users can restore power induction card; when the residual charge is zero, the automatic switch off, once again, the user must pay purchase card, and to restore electricity. For residents, and when comparing mechanical meters, electronic meters, it has the following advantages:

1, with a variety of power-stealing prevention function, small start current, potential-free, wide load, low power, error curve is straight, long term stability when running. Single phase local fees charged smart meters

2, pleasing in appearance, small size, light weight, easy to install.

3, high accuracy: electronic design, built-in import ASIC, precision frequency, temperature, voltage, higher harmonic effects.

4, long life: use SMT technology, optimized circuit design, the whole factory after having to adjust the circuit.

5, low power consumption: low power design, reducing the line loss of power.

6, pre-order power; IC card to transfer data, read the data back, including read-back the total charge, charge remaining accumulated within the table of electricity to be purchased, information such as the total number of power purchase.

7, storage form constants, initial value, user address, name and other information.

8, overload alarm off, remaining battery alarms to remind the user to purchase in a timely manner.