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Terminal faults
- Oct 28, 2016 -

1. poor contact

Metal conductors inside the terminal are core parts of the Terminal, it will come from external wires or cables of voltage, current or signals to go with corresponding contacts on the connector. Contact must possess very good structure, stable and reliable contact retention force and good electrical conductivity. Due to the unreasonable design of contact structures, material selection error, die instability, processing size variance, rough surface, plating and other surface treatment processes of heat treatment is unreasonable, improper Assembly, improper storage conditions and use, will be in contact poor contact caused by contact and work with the site.

2. insulation

Insulators were intended to enable contacts to maintain the correct placement, and makes contact with the contact between the insulation between contacts and case. Insulated device must possess excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties and molding performance. Especially with the high density, the widespread use of miniaturized Terminal, the effective wall thick and thin insulators. This insulation material, precision injection mold and molding technology, introduced more stringent requirements. As the insulator surface or inside metal extra material, surface dust fluxes, such as pollution, moisture, organic sludge and hazardous gas adsorption and surface water film forming an ionic conductive channel, absorb moisture, mildew and cause ageing of the insulating material, can cause a short circuit, leakage, breakdown, low insulation resistance insulation.

3. fixed side

Insulator not only insulated, usually also provide extended contact with accurate and protected, but also install positioning, locking fixed features on the device. Fixed bad, the light effects of reliable contacts caused momentary power outages, severe disintegration of the product. State of disintegration refers to the Terminal in the plug, because the material, design, technology and other reasons caused between the plug and the socket structure is not reliable, PIN and abnormal separation of jacks, power transmission and control in control system disruption caused by serious consequences. Due to unreliable design, material errors, wrong choice of processing, heat treatment, moulding, assembling, welding processes, such as poor quality, poor Assembly in place will not result in fixed.