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Breaker Attachments
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Auxiliary contacts: main circuit with circuit breakers, collection agencies are mechanically linked contacts, mainly used for circuit breakers,

Status display, then through the circuit breaker in the circuit breaker control circuit, the control of the electrical interlocking. Output signals such as lights, relays, etc. Shell grade rated current: 100A of molded case circuit breaker for the conversion of single breakpoint contacts, 225A and above for bridging contact structure, conventional thermal current is 3 a; shell grade rated current 400A and above holds two normally open and two normally closed, conventional thermal current at 6 a. Performance number the same as the total number of times the performance of circuit breakers.

Alarm touch head: for circuit breaker device accident of alarm touch head, and this touch head only Dang circuit breaker device off buckle points percentage only action, main for circuit breaker device of load appeared overload short-circuit or owes voltage, fault sometimes free off buckle, alarm touch head from original of often open location conversion into closed location, connected auxiliary line in the of led or Bell, and bee Ming device,, displayed or reminded circuit breaker device of fault off buckle State. Load failure occurs due to circuit breaker and trip-free probability is not too much, thus the life life is circuit breaker alarm contact 1/10. Alarm contacts normally does not exceed the operating current of 1A.

Shunt release: shunt voltage excitation for release is a release,

It has nothing to do with the main circuit voltage the voltage. Shunt release is a remote control gate of annex. When the power supply voltage equal to the rated control supply voltage at any voltage between 70%-110%, breaking the reliability of circuit breakers. Shunt release is short-time working, coil period of not more than 1S, or lines will be burned to the ground. Plastic shell circuit breaker device for prevent coil burned, in points Reed off buckle coil series a a micro-moving switch, dang points Reed off buckle device through armature sucking collection, micro-moving switch from often closed state conversion into often open, due to points Reed off buckle device power of control line was cut, even human of press button, points Reed coil always not again power this on avoid has coil burn loss situation of produced. When the breaker button again after closing, micro switches are normally closed position.