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Circuit Breaker Main Features
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Circuit breaker features: rated voltage Ue; rated current In; overload protection

(Ir or Irth) and short circuit protection (Im) trip current setting range of rated short circuit breaking current (circuit breakers for industrial use Icu household circuit breaker Icn).

Rated voltage (Ue): this is the circuit breaker in the normal (ongoing) work under voltage.

Rated current (In): it is with a dedicated circuit breaker over-current tripping relays in manufacturing factories indefinitely at ambient temperature under the maximum current value will not exceed the current bear parts temperature limit values.

Tripping current of short circuit relay setting value (Im): short-circuit tripping relay (instantaneous or short delay) for higher fault current value appears, enable fast tripping of circuit breaker, its ultimate Im tripping.

Rated short circuit breaking capacity (Icn or Icu): rated short circuit breaking current of a circuit breaker is circuit breaker capable of breaking from the highest damage (expected) value. Standards provided in the AC component of the current value for fault current RMS, DC transient component when calculating the standard value (always the worst case short circuit occurs) is assumed to be zero. Circuit breaker rated for industrial use (Icu) and the household circuit breaker rating (Icn) usually given to kA RMS.