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Circuit Breakers Environmental Impact
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Breaker tripping, some people find it troublesome, but I advise you not to think so, because every trip to the circuit breaker means saving the life of an electrical appliance or the life of a user. If the occasional trip, may be a circuit breaker misoperation or environmental impact, but if frequent tripping, you have to pay attention to. After all, we can't put our lives on a circuit breaker.

Circuit breaker trip, no more than the following five reasons, Circuit Breakers combined with the actual situation judgment, you can understand, find, solve the failure. Note: When overhauling the circuit, be sure to ensure that the last level breaker is in a disconnected state.

Overload protection is a basic function of a circuit breaker, which has the function of any circuit breaker.

Overload protection, refers to the current in the circuit, exceeding the number of circuit breaker predetermined. For example, the circuit breaker has a predetermined value of 16A, and the actual current in the circuit is 17A, and then the circuit breaker will automatically trip.

How did this 16A pick up? This is based on sockets, wires, electrical appliances and other circuit breaker protection object can withstand the maximum current decision.

A circuit breaker that is not attached is almost certain to be overloaded with circuits; the circuit breaker of the accessory is added to observe if there is any change in the attachment, Circuit Breakers if the attachment is not changed, it is also due to overload of the circuit.

Post wiring: The biggest feature of the post wiring is that you can replace or repair the circuit breaker without having to reconnect the front-level power supply. Because of the special structure, the product has been installed according to the design requirements of the special installation board and the installation of screws and wiring screws, it is necessary to pay special attention to the reliability of the large-capacity circuit breaker contact will directly affect the normal use of circuit breakers, so the installation must be caused attention, in strict accordance with

Plug-in wiring: On the installation board of a complete set of devices, install the installation seat of a circuit breaker, install 6 plugs on the seat, and the connecting plate of the circuit breaker has 6 sockets. The mounting seat has a connecting plate or a bolt after the mounting seat, and the mounting seat is preloaded with a power cord and a load line. When used, the circuit breaker is inserted directly into the mounting seat. Circuit Breakers If the breaker is broken, just pull out the bad and put on a good one. The replacement time is shorter than the plate, and the wiring is convenient. As a result of the plug, pull requires a certain amount of manpower. Therefore, China's plug-in products, the shell current limit of the maximum 400A. This saves maintenance and replacement time. The plug-in circuit breaker should check whether the plug of the breaker is pressed tightly during installation, and the circuit breaker should be securely fastened to reduce the contact resistance and improve the reliability.