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Circuit Breakers Function
- Aug 07, 2017 -

Leakage circuit breaker composition and working principle Leakage circuit breaker has two functions, Circuit Breakers one with the function of the circuit breaker, the second is a function of leakage protection. Circuit breaker function is the same as the general low-voltage circuit breaker, Circuit Breakers as frequent switching devices. Leakage protection part of the zero sequence transformer to detect the residual current, Circuit Breakers that is, by detecting the protected circuit within the phase line and the neutral current instantaneous value to determine the leakage current changes.

When the circuit leakage current exceeds the specified value or when someone electric shock, it can automatically cut off the power in the safe time, play the role of protection of electrical appliances to protect personal safety and equipment to prevent leakage caused by leakage of electricity and other accidents. Mechanism,Circuit Breakers electromagnetic release, contact system, interrupter, zero sequence current transformer, leakage release and test equipment and other components, all parts are placed in an insulated shell, Circuit Breakers modular small circuit breaker leakage Protection function is based on the structure of the leakage of the annex provided, Circuit Breakers if necessary, combined with the circuit breaker.

The circuit breaker is capable of closing, carrying and breaking current under normal circuit conditions and capable of closing and driving the switching device of current under abnormal circuit conditions for a specified period of time. Circuit breakers generally by the contact system, arc system, operating mechanism, release, Circuit Breakers shell and so on. Circuit breaker according to its use is divided into high-voltage circuit breakers and low-voltage circuit breakers, high and low voltage boundary is relatively fuzzy, Circuit Breakers generally more than 3KV circuit breaker called high-voltage electrical appliances.

The working principle of the circuit breaker is when the short circuit, the high current generated by the magnetic field to overcome the reaction of the spring, the release device to pull the operating mechanism, the switch instantaneous trip. When overload, the current becomes larger, Circuit Breakers heat increased, bimetallic deformation to a certain extent to promote the action of the body, the greater the current, the shorter the action time. The circuit breaker has the electronic type, uses the transformer to acquire the current current of each phase, compares with the set value, Circuit Breakers when the current is abnormal, the microprocessor sends out the signal to cause the electronic release to drive the operation mechanism.

The circuit breaker can be used to distribute the power, Circuit Breakers start the asynchronous motor infrequently, protect the power supply line and the motor, etc. When they are seriously overloaded or short circuit and undervoltage fault, the circuit breaker can cut off the circuit automatically, its function is equivalent to Fuse-type switch and over-under-thermal relay, etc., Circuit Breakers but also in the breakdown of fault current generally do not need to change the parts