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Circuit Breakers Indispensable
- May 31, 2017 -

Circuit Breakers As an indispensable device in power system, high voltage circuit breaker is play an important role in protection and control, especially in the case of the expansion of the power grid, High-voltage circuit breakers play a more and more important role, of course, Circuit Breakers its operation also put forward higher requirements, therefore, to ensure the safe and stable operation of High-voltage Circuit breaker is of great significance.

There are two main methods to improve the operation level of high voltage circuit breaker: One is the improvement of the high voltage circuit breaker's own production quality; the other is to carry out the necessary maintenance and maintenance to reduce or avoid the failure. However, Circuit Breakers due to the large number of high-voltage circuit breakers used in power system, it is obvious that the normal operation of high voltage circuit breakers can be maintained by traditional plan maintenance methods, such as heavy workload, high cost, overhaul is not complete and so on, has been unable to meet the large-scale high-voltage circuit breaker safe and stable operation, Circuit Breakers based on this, it is necessary to implement the High-voltage circuit breaker on-line monitoring of the actual operating conditions of the equipment in order to grasp the working conditions of the circuit breaker, defects, reduce unnecessary power failure test Improve the effectiveness of fault diagnosis to ensure the reliability and stability of the circuit breaker operation.

Compared with foreign countries, Circuit Breakers China's circuit breaker condition monitoring is still in the development stage, therefore, the study of it is undoubtedly more practical significance. Based on the common faults and overhaul of HV circuit breakers, this paper presents a state monitoring method based on the important parts of the prone fault and the common fault types, thus providing accurate data reference for fault diagnosis, so as to accurately and quickly take effective trouble-shooting method based on the fault situation.

The working state of the circuit breaker is directly related to the stability and safety of the power system operation. Summarizing and summarizing the common faults and overhaul methods of circuit breakers is the foundation of the condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of the circuit breaker, which is very important for the determination of the State Monitoring project, the accurate fault diagnosis and the fast fault treatment. The author of the unit in recent years the fault of the circuit breaker statistics, Circuit Breakers the data show that the rejection, misoperation, insulation, load flow and other failures of the most prominent, the need to be based on continuous types of failure to take different maintenance methods

The failure of high voltage circuit breaker is divided into two kinds: rejection fault and rejection fault, Circuit Breakers which is the most serious, which often leads to leapfrog, causing system malfunction, enlarging accident range, and refusing to move the fault is caused by many factors.

The first is mechanical. The mechanical failure of the actuator and its transmission system is the main cause of the refusal of the High-voltage circuit breaker. The diagnosis and treatment of the fault should be differentiated, for the malfunction caused by the hydraulic actuator, check the pressure gauge and its low voltage latching device first, verify the action of the Low-voltage latching device is correct, Circuit Breakers and the internal and hydraulic circuit check of the hydraulic actuator is handled by the professional; for the pneumatic operating mechanism caused by the failure to see whether because the compressed air pipeline in the loop of the water is not produced by the freezing, if there is a freeze, should be immediately unfrozen, drained water pollution, Circuit Breakers and then check the compressed air pipeline circuit of the components are normal operation , it confirms the correctness of the low pressure lockout action, if there is no problem, it may be internal components and compressed air pipeline circuit fault.