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Circuit Breakers Indispensable
- Jul 21, 2017 -

Leakage protector as long as the detection of the current out of the current difference of 30 mA it to protect ----- jump. For the old circuit or wiring when there is no casing circuit is difficult to use the leakage protector, Circuit Breakers even if you can use a wet weather it jumps non-stop, Circuit Breakers the reason and location of leakage is very difficult to check. I tell you you just remove the leakage protector, put the same power of the air switch (control line of fire, zero line can be a total of zero together) can be used normally, without any problems.

Leakage protector is a rare electronic component in the home circuit, Circuit Breakers in the circuit leakage or current exceeds the rated value can effectively control the disconnect circuit to ensure people's lives and property safety. The daily life of the circuit will occasionally fail, resulting in leakage protector tripping, after the trip we must first know the reason to safely and safely set the switch. Circuit Breakers The following Xiaobian give you a detailed explanation of the reasons for leakage trip protector bar

If the rated leakage current is 30MA leakage switch, Circuit Breakers the load of more than 25MA leakage current, leakage switch will trip. As the 25MA current flows through the human body is safe, there will be no electric shock death; the same line or electrical equipment will not be dangerous, electrical equipment work will not produce abnormal phenomena.

This trip is caused by the quality of the leakage switch itself is not qualified, divided into two categories and sometimes no reason to trip. In the leakage switch connected to the power supply without loading the case, if not on, is certainly the quality of leakage switch problems, Circuit Breakers do not repair their own, Circuit Breakers because the repair must be carried out after the technical performance test can be put into use, no test equipment It is not safe to use after testing.

The second type is the occasional trip, Circuit Breakers especially in the middle of the night trip or no one at home when the trip, this trip that the leakage switch anti-jamming performance is poor. Circuit Breakers There is abnormal trip leakage switch should be removed, for a good leakage switch.

If the normal trip leakage current fluctuation in the 25MA up and down, and its phenomenon and the occasional tripping similar to the leakage protection protector is often caused by the insulation of the wire caused by aging, that is, when the environment is damp, the environment does not trip when the trip. Circuit Breakers A reliable way to distinguish between such normal trips and occasional tripping is to measure the insulation resistance of lines and electrical equipment. Standard, the insulation resistance of each wire shall not be less than 0.5MΩ, Circuit Breakers electrical equipment, insulation resistance is usually greater than 0.5MΩ. If the insulation switch is connected to the load, the total insulation resistance is less than 8.8KΩ (220V / 25MA = 8.8KΩ), then the normal trip will occur.

Mainly looking for residual current action protector itself. Circuit Breakers The specific method of operation is: first cut off the power, and then the remaining current action protector zero sequence transformer load side of the lead all removed and then protectors.

If the protector is still unable to put into operation, Circuit Breakers then the protector itself failure, should be repaired or replaced. If the normal operation, the protector itself is no fault, and then find the switchboard or line. The operation method is: first of all the outlet or AC contactor load cut off, if not run, Circuit Breakers then the distribution board is faulty, should check the various electrical, instrumentation and other equipment is well insulated, wiring is correct; if the normal operation There is no trouble with the switchboard. Circuit Breakers When confirming that a fault occurs on an outside line, a breakpoint can be used to find the point of failure.