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Circuit Breakers Maintenance And Maintenance
- Aug 30, 2017 -

In order to make the operation of the circuit breaker more comfortable, in its maintenance, we can not ignore, if you often carry out maintenance, then its life will be much higher times, why not? For its work in good condition, maintenance and maintenance is required to continue to strengthen. So what are the main points of its maintenance?

In the maintenance above, we should keep the air fresh, if it is humid air, or no cleaning, it is the result of the consequences are very serious. Humid gas decomposition into hydrogen, oxygen mixed gas, then the contact point between the fracture will cause insulation, in serious cases will cause the arc chamber explosion. Will make the insulation strength becomes low, the surface will gradually produce the discharge situation, so you can not touch, if the electric shock, the consequences can be imagined, so still be careful as well. Also, the pipeline in the paint will be blocked when the situation, the circuit will fail or even stuck phenomenon. List these are caused by the air is not clean, serious different, so it should always keep the air clean.

Rubber accessories is one of the important, should be regularly replaced rubber parts, because the structure of this device is very complex, sealing performance requirements, in order to ensure its performance with the timely replacement of rubber parts is necessary.

The various parts of the air switch need to be checked regularly, so that they are in a good technical situation, do not ignore a small device, perhaps it determines the normal operation of the device. For example, the arc chamber needs to regularly check its spring, dynamic static contact point, because it is constantly friction, so the point of overtravel, the pressure will be slowly reduced, when the small to a certain belt Oh, let the spring deformation , To the time to timely replacement. The non-linear resistor needs to check its cleanliness, replace the inside of the desiccant, and measure the non-linear sheet resistance. The main valve checks the piston and the valve body size to see if its size is within the specified range if it does not meet the need for timely correction. Driving the cylinder is also required to check, adjust its buffer to ensure its isolation switch, and timely check its accuracy, also through maintenance and replacement to make its performance to maintain better.

For the daily life of the circuit breaker maintenance, we only need to do the above points, I believe there will be no small effect. To ensure that it uses the environment of fresh air, the timely replacement of rubber parts, for small parts of the inspection work, etc., are very important links, only need you to spend a little time, will help the device to reduce the trouble, maintenance equipment needs from life In the small things to start, can not be ignored.

Circuit breaker in the purchase of a number of online and offline methods, but for such a large device, most people should go to the store to see the goods, to determine its quality. They think that the store warranty, delivery, return are more convenient, which is where they buy an important reason. We can choose any way to buy, but how to choose it? Will not fall into one of the errors?

In the purchase, choose the most important for their own, do not get the last money but not for their own, so very tragic. The purchase rate of this product is not low, but you need to have a goal, clear what you want to buy, the performance requirements to be aware of the number, really use it to function.

We in the purchase above, need to carefully observe the product is good or bad, can not have some physical damage, scratches, etc., to carefully look, otherwise it is difficult to find. You can try to observe in different angles, the horizontal viewing angle and vertical viewing angle, as well as the tilt angle are trying. Or in a different light on the observation to ensure that there is no owe can be assured, to avoid some businesses "fish eyes mixed beads."

After checking the good, as the user should experience the function of the circuit breaker, if you do not experience how to know if it is good? In its use, some features will be used to make it greatly discounted, the use of more times can not guarantee that its flexibility will not be good, the sensitivity will drop. Through the relevant function of the test, one by one test, put some of the main features of the simple trial. In the selection we should be foolproof, to the manufacturers asked the situation, they are prepared in advance.

Delivery of the situation is also need to pay attention to, regardless of the business is door-to-door, or come and go, you need to ask, how the warranty of the problem? Ask about how long it can take and so on. These questions need to ask one by one clear, or when the time to suffer is their own.

Finally, when the purchase of circuit breakers need to check the invoice information to see if the model is the same, because some brands are very close, but the price gap is too far, especially foreign investment, pay attention to always good. If you buy the price is too high, or too many, then the need to pay attention to the invoice, or in the maintenance and return will encounter a lot of trouble. In addition, the need to guide the purchase of a business card, in case of problems, manufacturers and shopping malls and shopping guide staff can be found to solve the problem more quickly.