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Circuit Breakers Multiple Protection Functions
- Jun 27, 2017 -

1, Circuit Breakers the air switch is our usual familiar, it is the correct name is called air circuit breaker. The air circuit breaker is generally low pressure, that is, Circuit Breakers the rated working voltage is 1Kv. The air circuit breaker is a switchgear with a variety of protection functions that can cut and turn on the circuit at rated voltage and rated operating current. The type of protection function and the protection mode are selected by the user according to the need. Such as short circuit protection, Circuit Breakers over current protection, exclusion control, undervoltage protection. The first two kinds of protection for the basic configuration of the air circuit breaker, the latter two for the optional function. So the air circuit breaker can also fault in the state (load short circuit, load over current, low voltage, etc.) cut off the electrical circuit.

2, the leakage switch is correctly called for the residual current protection device (hereinafter referred to as RCD), is a special protection function (leakage protection) of the air circuit breaker. Circuit Breakers It detects the residual current, that is, Circuit Breakers the algebraic sum of the instantaneous values of the inner and outer lines of the protected circuit (including the three-phase unbalanced current and harmonic current in the neutral line). To this end, RCD set value, that is, the amount of action current IΔn, just escape the normal leakage current value can be, this value in mA, so RCD can be very sensitive to cut off the protection circuit ground fault, Circuit Breakers can also be used as Direct protection against direct shocks.

The leakage protector is a protective appliance that detects the size of the phase-to-earth leakage or electric shock current that occurs in the protected power grid and acts as a trip trip signal and completes the action trip task. In the low-voltage power grid where the leakage protector is installed, Circuit Breakers under normal circumstances, the phase-to-ground leakage current (which is unbalanced leakage current in the three-phase grid) is small, and the operating current value of the leakage protector is not reached. Leakage protector does not work. When the leakage occurs within the protected power grid or personal electric shock and other failures, Circuit Breakers through the leakage protection device to detect the current component to its leakage or electric shock action current value, the leakage protection device will occur when the action trip to control the main Circuit switch action trip, cut off the power, so as to complete the task of leakage or electric shock protection. Circuit Breakers In addition to the basic functions of the air circuit breaker, Circuit Breakers it can quickly break off the switch when the leakage current (the leakage current reaches the set value) in the load circuit to avoid damage to the personnel and the adverse effects on the electrical equipment when the load circuit is leaking influences.