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Circuit Breakers Off State
- Jul 31, 2017 -

The circuit breaker trips, and some people find it very troublesome, Circuit Breakers but I advise you not to think so, because every trip of the circuit breaker means saving the life of an electric appliance or the life of the user. If it is an occasional trip, it may be malfunction or environmental impact of the circuit breaker, but if you frequent tripping, you have to pay attention. After all, Circuit Breakers we can not put our lives on the circuit breaker.

Circuit breaker trip, no less than the following five reasons, combined with the actual situation to judge, you can understand, find, solve the problem. Note: When servicing the circuit, Circuit Breakers make sure that the upper circuit breaker is disconnected.

Overload protection, is a basic function of the circuit breaker, any circuit breaker, have this feature.

Overload protection, referring to the current in the circuit, exceeds the value of the circuit breaker. Circuit Breakers For example, the circuit breaker is set at 16A and the actual current in the circuit is 17A, and the circuit breaker automatically trips.

This is how the 16A election out of it? This is based on the socket, Circuit Breakers wire, electrical appliances and other circuit breaker protection object can withstand the maximum current decision.

Not attached to the circuit breaker, can be determined to be overloaded circuit; add the attachment of the circuit breaker, to observe whether the attachment changes, if the annex does not change, Circuit Breakers it is also due to circuit overload.

The reason for the circuit overload is that the total power of the appliance used in the circuit is too large. At this point, as long as the high-power appliances to remove the circuit, Circuit Breakers or reduce the number of electrical appliances, and then closing can be.

A circuit breaker is a switchgear capable of engaging, Circuit Breakers carrying and breaking current under normal circuit conditions and capable of engaging and driving current under abnormal circuit conditions (including short circuit conditions) for a specified period of time. Circuit breakers can be used to distribute power, not frequently start the asynchronous motor, the power lines and motors and other protection, when they have a serious overload or short circuit and undervoltage failure can automatically cut off the circuit, Circuit Breakers its function is equivalent to the fuse switch And a combination of overheat relays and the like. And generally do not need to change the parts after breaking the fault current. At present, has been widely used.

Low-voltage circuit breakers, also known as automatic air switches, can be used to turn on and off the load circuit, can also be used to control the motor is not frequent start. Circuit Breakers It is equivalent to the knife switch, over current relay, loss of pressure relays, thermal relays and leakage protection devices and other electrical parts of the sum of all the functions of low-voltage distribution network is an important protection of electrical appliances.

Low-voltage circuit breakers with a variety of protection functions (overload, short circuit, undervoltage protection, etc.), adjustable action value, breaking capacity, Circuit Breakers easy operation, security, etc., so it is widely used. Structure and working principle Low-voltage circuit breaker by the operating mechanism, contacts, protection devices (a variety of release), arc system and other components.