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Circuit Breakers Protection Features
- Jun 14, 2017 -

The air circuit breaker is generally low voltage, that is, the rated operating voltage is 1Kv. The air circuit breaker is a switch device which has many protection functions and can cut off and connect the circuit under the condition of rated voltage and rated working current. Circuit Breakers The type and protection of its protection function is selected by the user as needed. such as short-circuit protection, overcurrent protection, separate excitation control, undervoltage protection. The first two kinds of protection are the basic configuration of air circuit breaker, the latter two are matching function. Therefore, the air circuit breaker can also be in the fault state (load short-circuit, load overcurrent, low voltage, etc.) to cut off the electrical circuit.

It detects the residual current, Circuit Breakers which is the algebra of the instantaneous value of the phase line and neutral line current in the protected loop (including the three-phase unbalanced current and harmonic current in the neutral line). To this end, the RCD of the whole set value, that is, the amount of action current I N, just to avoid the normal leakage current value, this value to MA, so RCD can be very sensitive to cut off the protection circuit grounding fault, can also be used to prevent direct contact with electric shocks back-up protection.

The leakage protector is a kind of protective apparatus which is used to detect the leakage or electric current of the phase line which occurs in the protected power grid, Circuit Breakers and acts as an action tripping signal and completes the action tripping task. In the installation of Low-voltage power grids, under normal circumstances, the power grid phase-line leakage current (for the three-phase grid is unbalanced leakage current) smaller, up to the leakage Protector action current value, so the leakage protector does not move. When a leakage or personal shock occurs in the protected grid, through the leakage protection device to detect the current of the component leakage or electric shock action current value, then the leakage protector will occur the action tripping instructions, so that its control of the main circuit switch action tripping, cut off power supply, Circuit Breakers so as to complete the task of leakage or shock protection. In addition to the basic function of the air circuit breaker, it can break the switch quickly when the leakage current of the load circuit is up to the set value, so as to avoid the damage to the personnel and the adverse effect on the electrical equipment in the load circuit.

Through the leakage circuit breaker, let us understand how important the leakage is to personal safety. Once again see the leakage circuit breaker wiring diagram, we will be clear this way to our role in the end how big. The main function of the leakage circuit breaker is that when a person has a leakage or an electric shock accident, the device of the leakage circuit breaker will immediately cut off the power supply, protect people's safety and prevent the occurrence of electric shock. In addition there are some leakage circuit breaker wiring diagram, but also set up a number of other equipment, so that leakage circuit breaker has short-circuit, Circuit Breakers overload function.

Leakage switch wiring above the line, the following line, pay attention to the phase lines (commonly known as FireWire) and 0-line position do not connect the wrong, look at the switch above the mark, if there is no mark on the left side of the line, the right side 0 lines. Special attention should be paid to the use of electrical equipment to take 0 lines can not be part of the leakage switch from the upper end, part of the leakage switch from the lower end, if done, the leakage switch will not meet the brake. In other words, Circuit Breakers you use the phase line of the leakage switch, you must use the 0 lines of the leakage switch. On the electric leakage switch with the hands of the test button above, the leakage switch should be immediately tripped, after each month to confirm the leakage switch leakage protection function effective. Note: In the power state of the test button frequently, will affect the service life of the switch. The leakage circuit breaker is a single-phase line connection and a three-phase wire connection. The single phase line is divided into four sets of wiring method and many sets of wiring method.Circuit Breakers Look what you said is absolutely right. As far as you use C60 leakage circuit breaker can fully meet your above-mentioned electrical appliances. C60 rated current Use range: 1a 63a. Piui 220v. The total power of all the electrical appliances above you will not exceed the rated power of the leakage circuit breaker, so it is safe to use.