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Circuit Breakers Reliable Protection
- Oct 24, 2017 -

1. The air switch is the air circuit breaker, which is opposed to the molded case circuit breaker. It acts in the circuit to turn on, break and load the rated operating current and short circuit, Circuit Breakers overload and other fault currents, and can be in line and load The occurrence of overload, short circuit, undervoltage and other issues, the rapid breaking circuit, the circuit for reliable protection.

2. Molded Case Circuit Breaker can automatically cut off the current, under normal circumstances, the current exceeds the set, it will automatically trigger protection. Molded Case Here is the use of plastic insulators as a device shell, used to isolate the conductor and the ground metal parts. Molded case circuit breaker usually contains thermal magnetic trip unit, while the large size of the molded case circuit breaker will be equipped with solid-state trip sensor.

Simply put, that is, Circuit Breakers a circuit breaker switch device, you can simply imagine it as a light switch. But the circuit breaker switch is much more complex than the light switch, which contains a lot of protection devices.

But no matter how complex the internal circuit breaker, it does not affect it is a switch of nature. Therefore, in some cases, you can directly "circuit breaker" as "switch".

There are classification under the circuit breaker, for example, Circuit Breakers according to the voltage classification can be divided into low-voltage circuit breakers and high-voltage circuit breakers; according to the number of poles can be divided into a pole, two poles, three poles, four poles and so on.

Circuit breaker power switch and power transmission is a very strict operating system and regulatory requirements, is the electrical safety of electricity operation and management of the part of the very important.Circuit Breakers Closing power transmission are to be strictly checked, carefully carefully confirmed that the accident has been truly excluded, in the closing conditions are safe with the case, in accordance with the requirements of the closing and operating procedures for power transmission closing. Power outage is also a strict requirements and operating system, not the editor said as arbitrary. All the gate when the closure of the phenomenon of flashover, are because the operator or security inspection work is not done in place, in violation of operating procedures. Moreover, the operator is a work ticket system, can not be replaced and arbitrarily assigned to others, Circuit Breakers is not irresponsible, such as an accident, the responsible person can not be exempted.

Pull the closing of the arc is caused by the greater the load the greater the arc, and instantly cause a strong arc or detonation is because the off-line load is too large, Circuit Breakers pull the closing moment of the gap gap current injection of a strong arc. Such as three-level electric box, a pull off, theoretically safe operation from the three first pull the load, and then pull the two, and finally pull a level. Because at this time there may be a number of second-class electrical box and three-level electrical box, Circuit Breakers with multiple loads, the current is very large. Low-voltage electrical working conditions, especially the three types of electrical machinery, such as factory load multi-power, be sure to pay attention to carefully.