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Circuit Breakers Switch Device
- Oct 10, 2017 -

1. The air switch is the air circuit breaker, which is opposite to the molded-shell circuit breaker, its role in the circuit is to connect, break and load rated working current and short-circuit, overload and other fault current, and can be overloaded in the line and load, short circuit, Circuit Breakers undervoltage and other problems, quickly divided off the road, the circuit for reliable protection.

2. Plastic case circuit breaker can automatically cut off the current, Circuit Breakers in general, when the current exceeds the set, it will automatically trigger protection. Plastic shells Here are used to use plastic insulators as housings for isolating conductors and grounding metal parts. Circuit Breakers The plastic case circuit breaker usually contains a thermal-magnetic stripping unit, while a large-type molded-case circuit breaker will be equipped with a solid-state stripping sensor.

Simply put, the circuit breaker is a switching device that can be simply imagined as a light switch. But the circuit breaker switch is much more complicated than the light switch, which contains many protective devices.

But no matter how complicated the inside circuit breaker is, it is not the essence of a switch. Circuit Breakers Therefore, in some occasions, the "circuit breaker" can be directly referred to as "switch".

There are also classification under the circuit breaker,Circuit Breakers for example, according to the voltage classification can be divided into low-voltage circuit breakers and high-voltage circuit breakers; According to the polar number classification can be divided into one pole, two poles, three poles, four poles and so on.

In addition, the circuit breaker can also be added by adding accessories, Circuit Breakers so that it has the function of leakage protection, over undervoltage and so on.

Circuit breaker power cut-off and transmission is a very strict operating system and standard requirements, electrical safety is a part of the operation and management of electricity, Circuit Breakers is very important. Feed transmission is to be strict inspection, carefully confirm that the accident has been really excluded, in the condition of the closing conditions are safe, in accordance with the requirements of the closing specifications and operating procedures for transmission and closing. Power outages also have strict requirements and operating system, not the editor said that arbitrary. All the electric Fox flashover occurs when the switch is off, because the operator is careless or the security check is not in place. Moreover, Circuit Breakers the operator is a work ticket system, is not to replace and arbitrarily assign others, is not irresponsible, such as an accident, the responsible person is not exempt.