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Development Status Of Circuit Breaker
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Circuit breaker world's first created in 1885, it was a combination of knives and overcurrent breaker at the beginning.

In 1905, the air circuit breaker with free tripping device is born. Since 1930, with the advancement of technology, principles of arc discovery and invention of the arc-control device, gradually formed the current institution. The late 50, due to the rise of electronic components, and to have the electronic release, today, due to the popularity and advent of intelligent circuit breaker.

Common in low voltage circuit breaker and vacuum break:

Low-voltage circuit breakers are used for AC voltage of 1200V, 1500V DC voltage in the circuit switching, control or protection electrical appliances. Low-voltage circuit breakers are important components of electrical equipment industry, is supporting in the machinery industry, in power distribution system of low-voltage complete switch equipment is mainly made up of various components of low-voltage circuit breaker, of low-voltage circuit breaker function and performance of low-voltage switching equipment plays an important role. Issued more than 80% of electricity power generation equipment is used in a low voltage circuit breaker distribution. Each additional 10,000 kW generating equipment, about 20,000 or so types of low voltage circuit breaker and the match. In industrial automation systems, also need to be made up of low-voltage circuit breaker Control Panel, console, controllers and other products.