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Distribution Box Electrical Connection
- Oct 16, 2017 -

(a) The production and manufacture of the distribution box (cabinet) shall conform to the "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment" part fourth GB7251. 4 The special requirements of complete sets of equipment (ACS) for construction site and the standard requirements of jgj46-2005 for temporary electrical Safety technical specifications at the worksite.

(ii) Distribution box (cabinet), switch box installation should be in line with the "construction site temporary Electrical Safety Technical Specification" jgj46-2005 Standard and "Electrical Safety Guide" gb/t13869 standardization requirements.

(three) Distribution box (cabinet), switch box should be divided into N line,Distribution Box PE line Terminal Board, access line must be through the terminal board to do reliable connection. The N-line terminal plate must be insulated from the metal electrical Installation Board, and the PE wire Terminal board must be electrically connected with the metal electrical installation board. The n lines in the incoming line must be connected through the N-line terminal plate, and the PE line must be connected through the PE line Terminal board. Distribution Box PE line and terminal plate connection must use electrical connection, Distribution Box the number of electrical connection points should be more than 2 of the number of internal loop box, 1 for PE line into the box connection point, 1 for the repeated grounding connection points.

(iv) Electrical components should be selected in accordance with gb/4048. 2-2001, GB6829 and jgj46-2005 standard products, and in line with the Ministry of Construction "Eleven-Five" the application of technical requirements.

(a) The operating channel width of the front of the distribution cabinet, single row arrangement or double row back-to-back arrangement is not less than 1.5m, double row face-to-face arrangement not less than 2m;

(ii) the maintenance channel width behind the distribution cabinet, single row arrangement or double column face-to-face arrangement is not less than 0.8m, Distribution Box double row back-to-back layout is not less than 1.5m, where there is a building structure protruding, the point channel width can be reduced by 0.2m;

(iii) The width of the maintenance channel on the side of the distribution cabinet is not less than 1m;

(d) The distance between the roof and the floor of the distribution room is not less than 3m.

(a) Fixed type distribution box, Distribution Box switch box Box center point and ground vertical distance 1.4--1.6m. Vertical distance between movable box and ground 0.8-1.6m. The distribution box and the switch box should be installed on the sturdy and stable bracket.

(ii) The Distribution box, switch box in the building fall radius or the revolving radius of the crane arm must do double protective shed, and take quarantine measures.