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Distribution Box Experience Of
- Oct 24, 2017 -

In the power industry for many years the electrician master have the experience of making the installation of distribution box, the natural distribution of components in the distribution of the number of minds, Distribution Box because its placement is still more important, how to place the decision The use of electrical accessories and how much the installation is convenient, easy to operate and other factors.

Placement of components must meet the specified clearance and creepage distances, and should be considered in line with maintenance conditions. The gap between the live parts of the distribution box and the conductor wall of the distribution box should be suitable. For the voltage below 250V, Distribution Box the gap should be not less than 15mm; for the voltage of 250 - 500V, the gap should be not less than 25mm The

1. The power switch is preferably installed in the upper right side of the box, the operating handle should be installed in front or side of the distribution box. Distribution Box The top of the power switch is best not to install other electrical appliances, otherwise, the power switch should be covered with insulating material to prevent electric shock.

2. Components are assembled together as much as possible to make it one or several control devices. Only devices that must be installed in a specific location, such as buttons, Distribution Box manual control switches, position sensors, clutches, motors, etc., are allowed to be installed in a specified location.

3. Box electrical (such as contactors, relays, etc.) should be on the circuit diagram in the order of numbers, firmly installed in the distribution box, and in the eye-catching parts of the corresponding parts of the text symbols.

4. Do not install any devices except the manual control switch, Distribution Box signal light, and measuring device.

5. Electrical appliances that are supplied directly from the power supply are preferably fitted together to separate them from electrical appliances that are supplied only by the control voltage.

All electrical switches must be installed in a convenient place for easy replacement and inspection. In order to facilitate the repair or adjustment, Distribution Box the parts of the electrical parts of the box must be located between 0.4 and 2m from the ground. Distribution Box All terminals must be located at least 0.2 m from the ground for easy assembly and disconnection of wires.