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Distribution Box Installation
- Aug 28, 2017 -

The electric energy meter, switch, electric appliances in standard distribution box are generally provided by the manufacturer, and the site is only for inspection and debugging. After debugging, the installation can be selected according to the site conditions.

The installation height of the distribution box shall be determined according to the design requirements. The height of the bottom edge of the distribution box is the height of the ground: the normal dark assembly power box is 1.4 m; Bright assembly of electric box and light - mounted lighting switchboard

Should not be less than 1.8m; The distance should not be less than 2.5m when installed outdoors. The vertical deviation of the distribution box installation should not be greater than 3mm. The distance between the operating handle and the side wall should not be less than 200mm.

When assembling the electric box in 240mm thick wall, it is necessary to set aside 20 target wall holes for each side of the box body. The wall of the wall should be 10mm thick asbestos plate and diameter of 2mm, the hole is 10mm of wire mesh, and then use 1:2 cement mortar to smooth, in case of cracking.

The distribution box and wall contact part should be coated with anticorrosion paint, the box inner wall and the disk should be painted with two gray paint. The color of the case door paint, except the design has special request, general and the color of engineering door and window is same. The iron distribution box should be painted with camphor and paint.

The secondary conductors connected to the electric energy meter and the transformer in the distribution box shall adopt the copper core insulated conductor not less than 2.5mm2.

In order to improve the strength of the insulation of the wiring in power distribution box and easy to maintain, wires must be according to the phase color set of soft plastic casing, respectively, with yellow, green, red, black said L1, L2, L3 phase line and zero line.

The zero line in the zero system should be repeatedly grounded at the distribution box at the draw line or at the end of the line.