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Distribution Box Of The General
- Jul 31, 2017 -

"Distribution box", also known as distribution cabinet, Distribution Box is the motor control center collectively. Distribution box is the electrical wiring requirements of the switchgear, measuring instruments, Distribution Box protective appliances and auxiliary equipment assembled in a closed or semi-enclosed metal cabinet or screen, constitute a low-voltage power distribution device. Distribution Box Normal operation can be switched on or off by means of manual or automatic switching. Failure or abnormal operation with the protection of electrical cut off the circuit or alarm. By measuring the instrument can display the various parameters in operation, Distribution Box but also for some electrical parameters to adjust the deviation from the normal working state of the prompt or signal.

Easy to manage, when the occurrence of circuit failure is conducive to overhaul. Distribution box and distribution cabinet distribution board with power, Distribution Box is to focus on the installation of switches, meters and other equipment complete sets of devices. Common distribution box with two kinds of wooden and iron plate, and now where the electricity consumption is quite big, so it is more with iron. The use of distribution box: of course, is easy to stop, power, play a measurement and determine the stop, Distribution Box the role of power transmission.

Household distribution box is also commonly known as lighting box or strong electric box, he belongs to the end of the household electricity protection device, into the terminal connected to the outlet side of the meter, the outlet side to connect our home electrical. It is to protect the safety of our last security. Common models for the PZ-30-type lighting box.

PZ-30 series distribution box rated current 100A generally by the leakage protector, Distribution Box disconnector, fuse, high-segment type small circuit breaker (also known as micro-off) and other components in accordance with the terminal electrical device. It has anti-shock, anti-short circuit, Distribution Box anti-overload, anti-leakage and other protection devices. In the choice of home distribution box type must first understand two things:

A: The size of the meter off the end of the micro-cut, Distribution Box usually 63 An. As the home distribution box is linked to the meter box outlet side, so we choose PZ-30 when his total road control does not exceed 63

2: Calculate the use of household appliances through the current, reasonable distribution of branch circuit control circuit current. Usually we use home lighting with 2.5 square lead with 16A micro-off due to air conditioning and water heater power is relatively large selection of 20A to 25A micro-break and 4 square wire!

The main role of household distribution box The role of household distribution box is to cut off and connect the power, the effective control of each of the electricity lines, Distribution Box to achieve the purpose of safe use of electricity. Household use for the indoor control distribution box, its structure is generally composed of leakage switchgear and metering equipment.

Home power distribution box working principle power main gate - "leakage protector -" fuse these three units are linked in sequence, the 220V of the electricity received to the distribution box on the main gate above, and then the electricity through the distribution Box of the power of the main gate, Distribution Box into the leakage protector, and then the last through the leakage protection device into the fuse, through the fuse separation of two power output.