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Distribution Box Reliable Screen Protection
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Distribution of the application of non-combustible materials; Distribution Box electric shocks of small production sites and offices can be installed open-type distribution board; in the electric shock or poor operating environment, poor processing workshops, casting, forging, heat treatment, Distribution Box boiler room , Woodworking and other places, should be installed closed cabinet; in the conductive dust or produce flammable and explosive gas dangerous workplace, must be installed closed or explosion-proof electrical facilities; distribution box of electrical components, Switches and lines should be arranged neatly, the installation of a solid, Distribution Box easy to operate. The height of the operating handle center is generally 1.2 ~ 1.5m; there is no obstacle in the range of 0.8 ~ 1.2m in front of the box; the protection line is reliable; Exposed to the exposed body; must be installed in the box outside the surface or electrical components on the switchboard, Distribution Box must have a reliable screen protection.

(1) the distribution cabinet for the ship power distribution center and the normal operation of equipment, any unrelated personnel shall not pull the switch on the board.

(2) After the start of the generator set, should use the power screen speed switch manually slow acceleration, until the generator into the normal working state,Distribution Box voltage and frequency to reach the specified value before closing the power transmission.

(3) switchboard into the power distribution state, Distribution Box shall not be free to pull the power screen speed switch, air circuit breaker lock switch non-emergency situation shall not be used.

(4) parallel operation of the generator should be in strict accordance with the requirements of the car and the provisions of the operation, pay attention to the emergence of reverse power (countercurrent) and the failure of vehicles and so on.

(5) shutdown should first cut off the generator load, and then no load parking, not with load direct shutdown.

(6) When crossing the shore, Distribution Box you should first cut off the power switch of the shore screen, and then check the correctness of the wiring and phase sequence, to confirm the correct before the implementation of the shore of the conversion, is strictly prohibited with the load operation.

(7) The distribution cabinet should be regularly cleaned and maintained so that the equipment is always in good working condition.

(8) generator work, the engine personnel to switch board operation, should focus on thinking, Distribution Box careful operation, to prevent accidents, Distribution Box or will be held accountable for personal accident responsibility.

(9) charge and discharge board for the ship emergency switchboard, when the crew should always check their work conditions, at any time to ensure adequate low-voltage power, and through the instrument on the board to master the working conditions of magnetic saturation regulator.

(10) normal navigation, Distribution Box the switchboard on the switch should be connected to each other to ensure that the generator can start at any time and should be put into use at any time.

(1) the choice of cross-section of the wire

The mains (AC 220V) voltage loop is made of 1.5 square millimeters; Distribution Box the current loop is 2.5 mm square. Batteries generally use 1.5 square millimeters can be.

(2) when wiring, to check the two ends of the signal is consistent, so as not to cause unnecessary errors.

(3) the most important thing is to understand the schematic and wiring diagram.

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