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Distribution Box Requirements
- May 31, 2017 -

Distribution box, also known as distribution cabinets, Distribution Box is the general designation of Motor Control Center. The distribution box is a low-voltage power distribution device, which is assembled in a closed or semi-closed metal cabinet or a screen width according to electrical wiring requirements. The normal operation can be connected by manual or automatic switch or split off the road. Failure or abnormal operation of the use of protective electrical equipment to cut off the circuit or alarm. The measuring instrument can show various parameters in operation, and adjust some electrical parameters to prompt or signal deviation from normal working condition.

Easy to manage, when the circuit fault occurs in favor of overhaul. Distribution box and distribution cabinet distribution panel distribution, and so on, Distribution Box is a centralized installation of switches, instrumentation and other equipment sets. Commonly used in the distribution box has wooden and iron plate system, now where the power consumption is very large, so still the use of iron more. The use of Distribution box: Of course, it is convenient to stop, power transmission, to measure and judge stop, the role of transmission.

The distribution cabinet consists of two parts:

One is a complete set of components, Distribution Box that is, distribution box shell and related accessories.

The second is the electrical components and related accessories, namely the air switch and its required accessories.

Issues to be aware of when installing distribution boxes

1. The installation elevation of the distribution box is between 1.8 meters to 2 meters, the installation must be firm, the periphery cannot have the gap, Distribution Box has the reliable grounding.

2. The entire distribution box cannot have bare places, it must be closed. For electronic components installed outside the distribution box, there must be a reliable protection.

3. For distribution boxes that need to be installed on the floor, they should be installed at a distance of 50-100 mm from the ground, and require that the front side of the distribution box be within 0.8-1.2 metres of the range without any sundries, otherwise it will hinder the supply of electricity.