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Distribution Box Sealing Performance
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Distribution of the distribution box to avoid direct sunlight, Distribution Box to avoid splashing water, to avoid moisture, and in front of plenty of operating space. Should be regularly on the cabinet equipment to clean, check the terminal, check the switch, contactor is good, Distribution Box the internal overheating phenomenon should be regularly check the distribution cabinet sealing performance, to prevent small animals into or internal condensation. For large areas of moisture also equipped with flooders, dryers and so on. Should check the installation position is firm, not skewed.

1) cabinet (disk) body appearance inspection should be no damage and deformation, paint completely intact. Cabinet (disk) internal inspection: electrical equipment and components, Distribution Box insulated porcelain pieces complete, no damage, cracks and other defects.

2) Before installation, check whether the distribution box number matches the installation position. Check the box number and the internal circuit number according to the design drawings. Distribution Box Box door grounding should be used soft copper braided wire, special terminal. Box wiring should be neat, to meet the design requirements and acceptance specifications (GB50303-2002) requirements.

Distribution box installation site should be completed with the completion of civil painting, doors and windows have been installed the basic conditions. Buried pipes and embedded parts should be cleaned up; Distribution Box site with transport conditions, to maintain smooth road

According to the design requirements to determine the location of the distribution box and the actual installation of the scene equipment, according to the box size of the ball line positioning.

1) according to the requirements of the prefabricated steel frame, and do the anti-corrosion treatment, according to the location of the construction drawings, Distribution Box the prefabricated basic steel frame on the reserved iron parts, leveling, Frame, embedded iron parts, gasket welding with welding. The final base of the top of the steel should be more than smooth ground 10mm.

2) Foundation steel ground: After the completion of the installation of basic steel, Distribution Box the ground wire and the base of the two ends of the steel should be welded, the welding surface is twice the width of flat steel, and then connected with the cabinet grounding row. And do anti-corrosion treatment.

Distribution box, "also known as the distribution cabinet, is the motor control center collectively. Distribution box is the electrical wiring requirements of the switch equipment, Distribution Box measuring instruments, protective appliances and auxiliary equipment assembled in closed or semi-enclosed metal cabinet or screen On the composition of low-voltage power distribution device. Distribution Box Normal operation can be manually or automatically switch on or off the circuit. Fault or abnormal operation with the protection of electrical cut off the circuit or alarm by measuring instruments can display the various parameters in operation, Distribution Box but also Some electrical parameters can be adjusted to alert or signal deviation from normal operating conditions.