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Distribution Box Technology And Skills
- Jul 21, 2017 -

The right line configuration program skills to save time and save the line, Distribution Box which requires us to master a certain amount of technology and skills, according to these skills to wiring, to achieve the best results.

First, the site selection. Distribution Box The location of the low-voltage distribution room should be close to the load center, located in the dust less, Distribution Box less corrosive media, dry and vibrate slightly, and should be appropriate to leave room for development;

Second, the distribution of power distribution equipment. Low-voltage distribution room distribution equipment must be arranged in accordance with the principles of safety, Distribution Box reliability, application and economy, and should facilitate the installation, operation, handling, maintenance, testing and monitoring. Between the high-voltage electrical equipment and the low-voltage electrical equipment in the same room, the distribution cabinets arranged in the rows must have the appropriate distance and the outlet of the channel. Distribution Box Arrangement of power distribution equipment should take the necessary security measures, Distribution Box if the dangerous potential of the bare body should be covered or placed in the human arm outside the range. When the use of shelter and the cover is difficult, can be used to protect the barrier

Third, the layout of the distribution line should meet the conditions: meet the characteristics of the environment; meet the characteristics of the building; between people and wiring can be close to the degree; Distribution Box due to short circuit may occur electromechanical stress; during installation or running wiring may Suffer from other stress and the weight of the wire

Fourth, the layout of the distribution line should be avoided the impact of the external environment: should avoid the external heat source to produce thermal effects; Distribution Box should be used in the process of preventing water intrusion or into the group caused by damage; should prevent the external machinery The impact of sexual damage; in places where there is a lot of dust, Distribution Box should avoid the dust caused by the impact of wiring; should avoid the damage caused by strong solar radiation.

The installation location of the distribution box should avoid direct sunlight, avoid splashing water, avoid moisture, and have plenty of operating space in front. Distribution Box Should regularly check the equipment inside the cabinet, check the terminal, check the switch, contactor is good, there is no overheating inside, should regularly check the distribution cabinet sealing performance, to prevent small animals into or internal condensation. For large areas of moisture also equipped with flooders, dryers and so on. Distribution Box Should check the installation position is firm, not skewed.

1) cabinet (disk) body appearance inspection should be no damage and deformation, paint completely intact. Cabinet (disk) internal inspection: electrical equipment and components, Distribution Box insulated porcelain pieces complete, no damage, cracks and other defects.

2) Before installation, check whether the distribution box number matches the installation position. Check the box number and the internal circuit number according to the design drawings. Distribution Box Box door grounding should be used soft copper braided wire, special terminal. Distribution Box The wiring inside the box should be neat, to meet the design requirements and acceptance criteria (GB50303-2002) requirements.

Distribution box installation site should be completed with the completion of civil painting, Distribution Box doors and windows have been installed on the basic conditions. Distribution Box Buried pipes and embedded parts should be cleaned up; site with transport conditions, to maintain smooth road smooth.

Distribution box positioning: According to the design requirements to determine the location of the distribution box and the actual installation of the scene equipment, Distribution Box according to the shape of the box ball positioning.