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Distribution Box The Use Of Security
- Jul 07, 2017 -

The first is because the quality of the product caused by the failure of the production process, Distribution Box the product quality, but off, Distribution Box so soon after the operation of the failure, the problem requires manufacturers to solve, strengthen production supervision, control product quality, Distribution Box followed by real Because the electrical selection caused by improper failure, Distribution Box mainly AC contactor capacity selection is not appropriate, if it is different outlet circuit installed with the capacity of the contactor, Distribution Box is the need to consider the three-phase load imbalance. The only way to ensure the safe use of the product.

There is the impact of ambient temperature on low-voltage electrical appliances, which is also prone to failure, so the use of the process, requiring the ambient air temperature limit of not more than 40 ℃, Distribution Box the ambient air temperature 24 hours average of not more than 35 ℃, Distribution Box ambient air temperature The lower limit is not lower than -5 ° C or -25 ° C.

In the design of it, first of all need to take into account the design of this combination should be installed in the time need to be simple, but also very good to hide for the box parts, Distribution Box which we need to design attention, The second is in the design of the time should be effective against external shocks, so as to reduce the cost of maintenance of the box, and should also pay attention to its ventilation components for the box ventilation, and then design, should avoid too much distilled water in the box, Distribution Box with the help The heat generated by the electrical components can be dehumidified in the space inside the box, Distribution Box which can avoid the corrosion of the metal parts in the box and avoid the leakage current.

In fact, when the transformation, or need to pay attention to a lot of problems, the main choice is good quality AC contactor, the only way to meet its use, Distribution Box there is a good way to increase the size of the box, the main increase in the The electrical safety distance between the parts, Distribution Box so you can reduce the risk of occurrence, we need to know is that the distribution box in the run will produce a lot of heat, if the device cooling capacity is not strong, will affect the normal operation of the equipment, Distribution Box so In this regard is also the need for transformation.

Distribution box in the use of the process, Distribution Box it can be involved in a lot of problems, especially in the safety and rationality of the above is very important, in order to seek better development results, so when in the selection process, you need to choose High-quality products, Distribution Box from the distribution box security and line layout for a better deal, Distribution Box and ultimately can bring the advantage is extremely obvious. The only way to reduce the risk of occurrence.