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Fuse From Overcurrent Protection
- Sep 27, 2017 -

BMW car with a small fuse, small to the auto parts market simply can not see, Fuse and no one to operate. A car owner friends in a car audio store to buy things, inadvertently found that the original fuse with the car with the CD is the same, in the car CD machine has a socket on the butt, so here to buy a pack of ten, very Cheap, 2 yuan a. There are 10A, 15A, enough. Too much current fuse on the insurance circuit is not good, Fuse after the riders if you burn the fuse, you can go to the car audio store to turn, even if not sold, Fuse but also from those who replace the CD machine butt to find the old.

Fuses In general, there are two types of temperature fuse and current fuse fuse is to play a role in temperature protection, the temperature fuse has high temperature and low temperature protection of the current fuse is from the over-current protection.

Fuses are also known as fuses, and the IEC127 standard defines it as a "fuse-link". It is a kind of electrical components installed in the circuit to ensure the safe operation of the circuit. Fuse The role of the fuse is: when the circuit fails or abnormal, accompanied by rising current, and the rising current may damage some important devices in the circuit or expensive devices, it is possible to burn the circuit or even cause a fire. If the circuit is properly placed in the fuse, then the fuse will rise in the current to a certain height and a certain time, Fuse their own fuse cut off the current, so as to protect the safe operation of the circuit.

The fuse is an overcurrent protector. Fuses mainly by the melt and the melt pipe and external filler and other components. When used, the fuse is connected in the protected circuit. When the current of the protected circuit exceeds the specified value, and after a certain period of time, Fuse the heat generated by the melt itself melts the melt and disconnects the circuit, The

The electrical circuit, the electrical equipment, Fuse and the household electrical appliances are all energized when the overload or short-circuit current passes through the melt, and the melt itself will heat up and fuse it. A certain protective effect. With anti-delay characteristics, when the overload current is small, fuse a long time; overload current, the fuse time is short. Therefore, in a certain overload current range to the current back to normal, the fuse will not blow, you can continue to use. The fuse consists essentially of the melt, the housing and the support 3, where the melt is the key element for controlling the fusing characteristics.

The earliest fuses were invented by Edison a hundred years ago, Fuse because at that time the industrial technology was not developed incandescent lamp is very expensive, Fuse so it was originally used to protect the expensive incandescent lamp.