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Fuse Normal Continuity
- May 31, 2017 -

Fuse The fuse fault of the excavator is often caused by the small cracks in the fuse, which is difficult to detect with the naked eye. Using a tester to check the connection of the fuse is much better than visual inspection.

(1) Turn the key switch to ON

In doing so, the battery relay is driven by Fuse the current of the terminal m from the key switch and the electrical energy is supplied to all circuits except the hot-wire ignition plug relay circuit.

(2) Remove the fuse lid and set the correct voltage measurement range for the tester. (Measurement range: 0-30v)

(3) Connecting the cathode probe to Fuse the car body ground, and using the cathode probe of the tester to touch the outer terminal of each fuse. When the normal continuity of a fuse is intact, the tester will instruct 20 25 volts.

In order to make the fuse "insurance", Fuse the following points should be done:

One, can not use too fine fuse, the use of fine fuses, through the normal current easy to burn off, causing unnecessary power outages;

II. Must select and use the fuse which is suitable for the total power of the electric equipment, the fuse current is usually 1.5-twice times of the rated current. Fuse If the normal use of electricity in the household and the total power of more than 1100 watts, the choice of 5 amps, the diameter of 0.98 mm 20th fuse can be, when the current exceeds 7.5 amps to 10 amps, the fuse will automatically fuse to achieve the protection.

Third, if the selection and use of fuse in line with specifications and often fuse fusing phenomenon, indicating the electrical wiring and electrical equipment has problems, Fuse should be in time for the electrician to find the cause, clear hidden dangers. Must not replace the fuse and simply with copper wire, wire and so on instead.