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Fuse The Request
- Jun 27, 2017 -

For power electronic products, Fuse the design is a fuse requirements, because I have to do LED dimming power supply, today to LED power supply, for example, that the fuse of those things, for the power supply, the fuse is a very critical Of the components, so the personal point of view right and wrong, Fuse it is very important, if my personal point of view there are wrong, serious thanks to friends criticized.

First of all, a disclaimer: the text of the view is limited to technical discussion, does not indicate that the views of the author and the discussion must be correct, all involved in the design of personal and property safety, all local safety standards prevail, Fuse as a result of the contents of the reference to product design safety Questions, authors and discussers do not assume any responsibility.

If in accordance with the traditional theory of electronics, power supply will certainly be in front of a fuse, especially the switching power supply, Fuse when the power supply short circuit and other abnormal circumstances, the fuse will fuse their own cut off the circuit to prevent further expansion of the impact.

I am in contact with the power of the process, found a problem, that is, when the power supply is damaged, the internal circuit short circuit lead to high current, Fuse in accordance with conventional understanding at this time should only fuse quickly blow, there will be no other impact. Fuse But in our understanding of the communication with the guests found that this is not the case, there will be a chance to air switch tripping, power board alignment copper burst and smoke and other phenomena, bad when the movement is relatively large, will be scared.

Since the fuse burned, Fuse according to that is not the case, it seems that the reason worthy of analysis

When the power supply is damaged, if the internal similar to the location of a schematic diagram of the short circuit, it will burn the fuse, Fuse we found in the practical application of the standard "burst" the location of copper will also be due to excessive current burn, There are sometimes those who actually appear bridge feet are burning the phenomenon.

It seems that the fuse is also fused, but did not play our desired effect, while the fuse fuse, the power of the internal short circuit or further led to some of the circuit damage, Fuse the fuse response speed seems a little bit slow, no we expect So fast.

If combined with our existing national conditions, I think this time to break the discount point of the job, I randomly selected from the market several 250V / 1A ordinary fuse test, test current 2A, you can see the fuse gradually red, and then Fuses. These fuse fuses are 7 to 8 seconds, Fuse obviously longer than the two kinds of time. Because I do not have a good equipment, can not be a large current test, Fuse where we can not give you a large current case of the fusing time of the measured data.

It seems that the fuse in the name of the insurance word, but the practical application or there is insufficient, although the fuse can control the severity of the problem within the acceptable range of guests, but the trip, bang bang, smoke this phenomenon will still Scare the user, Fuse if you can eliminate it is certainly the best