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Fuse The Role Of Protection
- Jun 14, 2017 -

The fuse is our commonly used colloquial term, its official name is "fuse", Fuse and their role and the role of the home fuse is similar, when the circuit current is abnormal and exceeds its rated current when the fuse plays the role of circuit protection.

The conductor in the fuse is made of a metal similar to the solder. It is lower than the melting point of the ordinary conductor itself. The size of the conductor is calibrated so that it can generate enough heat to fuse the conductor and disconnect the circuit when the rated current is reached. Fuse The fuse has two important working parameters, one is the work voltage, the other is the rated current, the owner in the purchase or replacement of the circuit according to the voltage and current to choose.

In the shape of the car's fuse is not the same as the general household fuse, more "mini" than the household fuse, and there are different colors to distinguish the size of the amperage.

After the fuse with the fuses, let's talk about how to change and check the fuse, but first we need to know where the fuses are installed, Fuse the average car will have two fuse boxes, one is located near the driving position in the car, mainly responsible for the normal work of electrical appliances, such as cigarette smoke, electric seats, airbags and so on; the other is installed in the engine compartment, responsible for the safety of external electrical appliances, such as ECU, headlights, glass water, Fuse horn, ABS and other circuits need to install a fuse to protect.

The new fuse will be the same size as the bad fuse, the most important is the same ampere number, can not be replaced by the original fuse amperage larger insurance, Fuse the wire is even worse. For a simple example, such as the original fuse fuse current of 1 amps, if you change the 5 amp fuse, then in the circuit in the short-circuit or fault, fuse can not fuse, the fuse will not protect the role of the circuit, Fuse its consequences is to cause electrical damage in the circuit.

Fusing fuse may cause the damage of its shell, see not clear the top of the number of amperes, this is okay, in the above has been introduced, the different colors of the fuse corresponding to the different amperage, Fuse the replacement as long as the same color can be determined. Fuse The fuse color has a set of international standards: 2A Gray, 3A purple, 4A pink, 5A Orange, 7.5A Coffee, 10A red, 15A Blue, 20A yellow, 25A colorless transparent, 30A green, 40A deep orange.

Some friends will ask, the car bad in the halfway without a spare fuse what to do? Do not worry, in special circumstances, you can use the Non-essential equipment circuit on the same ampere number of fuses to replace. For example, for example, an engine circuit failure can be replaced by a fuse on a sunroof circuit, Fuse let the car start normally and then buy a new fuse as soon as possible.

In fact, the price of the fuse is very cheap, a few cents, a box of the cost is about 10 yuan, but can solve your big trouble. To this end, the editor on Taobao Search, a box of qualified,Fuse a variety of specifications complete fuse plus postage can be controlled within 20 yuan, the car standing, easy to use!