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Fuse Very Cheap
- Nov 02, 2017 -

The role of the fuse must have all know, to prevent the current is too large damage to the entire circuit and the establishment of the fuse parts, Fuse through the fuse fuse to protect other parts are not burned, a fuse also a few dollars, other parts of hundreds of thousands , And some even over million, so that the fuse really need to treat this thing Oh

BMW car with a small fuse, small to the auto parts market simply can not see, and no one to operate. A car owner friends in a car audio store to buy things, inadvertently found that the original fuse with the car with the CD is the same, in the car CD machine has a socket on the butt, so here to buy a pack of ten, Fuse very Cheap, 2 yuan a. There are 10A, 15A, enough. Too much current fuse on the insurance circuit is not good, after the riders if you burn the fuse, you can go to the car audio store to turn, Fuse even if not sold, Fuse but also from those who replace the CD machine butt to find the old.

1), insert-type fuse can be divided into: ultra-small slotted fuse, trumpet car fuse, medium car fuse, large car fuse.

2), fork-type fuse can be divided into: small fork-type fuse, large fork-type fuse.

3), automotive glass tube fuse can be divided into: 6.35 × 30mm glass tube fuse, 6.35 × 31.75mm glass tube fuse, 10 × 38mm glass tube fuse.

Holding the fuse down to think, it is so soft, Fuse nails are pinch off; melting point so low, scratching the match will be able to burn it, can be regarded as the weak metal family. But it can by virtue of their own weaknesses, in the circuit to play an important role in the guard, once in danger, Fuse immediately fuse, in order to protect the safety of all electrical appliances, the inventor can be described as unique!

Want to come, life is similar to the use of such a short really a lot. Soft wood seems to be useless, but it can be filled into the bulb, Fuse so that the pressure inside and outside the bulb to balance; Fuse rugged strange Taihu stone, no one to take it puzzle. But it was thought that it was made of exquisite craftsmanship; even the mouse's "thieves" are all of them. Can be used up in the customs inspection to play a role, this is the "police mouse."