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Insulator Action
- Sep 25, 2017 -

There are more than 200 line insulator manufacturers in China, of which about 40 enterprises have some production scale. Steel glass insulators have been used in more than 100 countries in the world, exceeding 200 million pieces. Because of the acceleration of power grid construction, domestic glass insulators are developing more rapidly than porcelain insulators, and their market demand exceeds supply, attracting other enterprises to step into this field.

Since 2004, the main business income of major enterprises in insulator industry in China has continued to grow rapidly with an average annual growth rate of nearly 25%. With the improvement of insulation products manufacturing technology level in China, and east Asia, South Asia and other countries can speed up economic development, mainly domestic enterprises seize the opportunity, actively explore the international market, export value of rising year by year. According to the related research, the annual compound growth rate of the sales revenue of China's insulator arrester manufacturing industry is 17.83% in 2012-2015. In 2015, the sales revenue of domestic insulator arrester industry will reach 40.3 billion yuan.

In recent years, China's power industry has been developing rapidly and the installed capacity of generators has increased year by year. According to statistics, China's installed power generation capacity was 962 million kw in 2010, up 10.08 percent year on year. As an integral part of transmission and transmission equipment, insulator arrester is inseparable from the development of electric power industry.

The application of electric power industry is the most main insulator arrester products market, many of the electrical engineering at the present stage in China, such as urban and rural power grid construction and retrofit, xd to east project, electrified railway construction project and uhv product market start not only for the insulator arrester industry development provides a broad market space, and also puts forward new requirements for industry product market, promote the adjustment of the insulator arrester product market structure and the research of the new technology

Insulator is a special kind of insulating control, which can play an important role in overhead transmission line. Early years insulator for more poles, slowly development in high type high voltage wires to hang a lot at the end of the disc insulators, it is to increase the creepage distance, usually made of glass or ceramic call insulator. Insulator should not change due to environmental and electrical load conditions lead to a variety of electrical and mechanical stress and failure, or else there won't have a significant role in the insulator, will damage the whole line of use and operating life.

The role of insulator:

1. Insulators are usually divided into dielectric and unbreakable.

2. The structure can be divided into column type (pillar) insulator, suspension insulator, pin insulator, butterfly insulator, tension insulator, anti-pollution type insulator and casing insulator.

3. It is divided into line insulators and power stations and electrical insulators according to the application. There are pin type, butterfly shape, plate suspension, unbreakable type with horizontal and rod suspension. There are needle strut, hollow pillar and casing for the breakdown type insulator for power station and electric appliances, and the non-breakdown type has the rod and the container porcelain sleeve.

4. Insulators used in overhead lines, such as pin insulators, butterfly insulators, suspension insulators, porcelain crossers, rod insulators and tension insulators, etc.

5. The commonly used insulators are: ceramic insulators, glass steel insulators, synthetic insulators, semiconductor insulators.

At one end of the high voltage wire connecting tower hangs a number of disk insulators, which are designed to increase creepage distance, usually made of glass or ceramic, called insulators.

In order to prevent dust and other filth from adhering on the surface of insulator, the formation of the channel is broken through the voltage across the insulator. It increases the surface distance, namely, the distance of the distance from the discharge distance of the insulation surface. Distance = surface distance/system maximum voltage. According to the degree of pollution, the area of heavy pollution generally USES climbing distance of 31mm/kv.

Zero or low insulator: the influence of the insulation of the line conductor depends on the insulator string, due to manufacturing defect or role of the outside world, the insulation of the insulator performance will continue to degradation, when the unique edge resistance lower or equal to zero is called the minimum or zero value insulator. We have tested the line, and the ratio of zero or low insulators is about 9%. This is another main reason for the high tripping rate of the company's circuit. Insulators are smooth and can reduce the resistance of wires to reduce current loss.