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Insulator Structure And Stain Resistance
- Aug 15, 2017 -

Ceramic insulator products in the butterfly insulator with the insulator is mainly used for high and low voltage transmission lines, suspended insulators for high voltage transmission lines, ceramic insulators is a special insulation control, can be important in the overhead transmission lines effect. Insulator In the early years, ceramic insulators were used for poles, and slowly developed at the end of a high-type high-voltage wire connecting tower. A lot of disc-shaped inserts were made. It was made to increase the creepage distance, usually made of ceramic, called ceramic insulators. Ceramic insulators play two basic roles in overhead transmission lines, Insulator that is, to support the wires and to prevent the current from returning to the ground. These two functions must be ensured that the ceramic insulators should not be subjected to various electromechanical stresses due to changes in environmental and electrical load conditions Failure, otherwise the ceramic insulator will not have a significant role, it will damage the use of the entire line and operating life.

Ceramic suspension porcelain insulator from porcelain pieces, iron caps and steel feet with no less than 525 Portland cement, quartz sand gel mixture made of plastic. Insulator Iron cap and steel feet and adhesive surface contact with a thin layer of buffer layer, steel feet at the top of a flexible pad. Porcelain surface is generally painted white glaze, brown glaze, according to the need to draw other glaze. Iron cap, steel feet full of heat on the surface of zinc. Ball-type push-pull flexible locking pin with W-type and R-type two types, are made of tin bronze, brass, austenitic stainless steel, elastic and corrosion resistance, easy disassembly. Insulator Slot-connected round glass insulator cylindrical and camel-shaped cotter, the former surface heat zinc, which is made of brass.

Manufacturing level is guaranteed. In foreign countries, the production of quality products have been formed a considerable economic scale, and has advanced high-speed automated production lines. The entire West Europe and the former Soviet Union, the glass insulator market share of up to 90%; Insulator the entire North American composite insulator usage for the world's most, accounting for the local insulator market, 25% to 30%; in Japan, porcelain insulators dominate the world. In China, fortunately, domestic glass insulators through the introduction of technology and their own development, already have the above conditions of production. Insulator For porcelain and composite insulators, in addition to individual joint ventures, the above manufacturing level in China has not yet reached. It can be seen that the choice of products depends on the level of product manufacturing and product performance and the use of a comprehensive understanding of the environment of glass insulators

Product structure and stain resistance is the key. Glass insulator with cylindrical head structure, bearing force evenly. Compared with the traditional porcelain insulator for decades, Insulator the tapered structure has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high strength and excellent electrical performance. As the glass linear expansion coefficient is much larger than the porcelain, the outer dimensions are much smaller than the composite insulation material, and easy to connect with the metal accessories and cement, Insulator and thus the components of the matching material is good. In a variety of climatic conditions, not like porcelain insulators and composite insulators as easy to produce dangerous stress and lead to aging. And the composite insulator is difficult to solve the structural quality of the composite interface. But the composite insulator has excellent stain resistance, Insulator and usually no cleaning. Which greatly reduces the line maintenance costs, in this regard, the development of composite insulators broad prospects. The dielectric constant of the glass is large, Insulator so that the dry flashover voltage of the single glass insulator is lower than that of the porcelain insulator, but the larger main capacitance is used to improve the surface voltage distribution, which is equivalent to the flashover voltage of the porcelain insulator string.