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Main Characteristics Of Contactors
- Oct 28, 2016 -

AC contactor main contact to open and close circuits, with auxiliary contacts for conduction control loop.

Main contacts are normally open contact, auxiliary contacts, often two normally open contact and a normally closed contact, small as relay contact is also often used with main circuit.

AC contactor contacts, made from silver-tungsten alloy, with good electrical conductivity and high temperature erosion.

AC contactor driven communication through magnetic field with iron core coil, the electromagnet core consists of two "mountains"-shaped young silicon steel sheet pile up, one of the fixed core, coil, voltage can be multiple choice. In order to make the magnetic stability, the suction surface of iron core and short circuit ring. AC contactors after power failure, relying on spring return.

Half the active cores, structure and fixed iron core, used to drive the main contact and the auxiliary contacts of M B.

20 amp arc contactors and over cover, using the electromagnetic circuit is disconnected, fast arc, protecting contacts.

Contacts equipment for high frequency operation, as the opening and cut off the power supply when operating up to 1200 per hour.

A high service life of contactors, mechanical life millions of times to 10 million, to life for hundreds of thousands of millions of times.