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Role Of High Voltage Distributing Cabinet
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Distribution cabinets can also be referred to as distribution boxes, from the popular sense, distribution cabinets is the integration of electrical components used for power distribution Cabinet. Distribution Cabinet role in distribution of electrical equipment and control on circuit overload, short circuit and leakage, cabinets can also provide power protection.

Distribution cabinet used in residential buildings, schools, hospitals and other electricity power distribution control, distribution cabinets are small, can be concealed in the wall, so rarely seen distribution cabinets in our daily lives. Distribution cabinets in General, more common for Enterprise workshop, workshop, such as lighting, power distribution box, power distribution box, etc.

Distribution cabinet grade

When used in large power distribution Cabinet, divided into different levels, so that better distribution controls. In General, power supply system will have primary, secondary and junior, the three-level power distribution equipment.

Level switch is the power supply system of power distribution center, they will be installed inside the substation, is responsible for power distribution to the secondary distribution cabinets. Level switch the electric parameters of the functional requirements of a higher, level and distribution of Cabinet structure is more complex, larger output capacity.

Secondary distribution Cabinet level power distribution Cabinet to undertake distribution of electric energy, and assign it to the nearest load. Secondary power distribution Cabinet is divided into power distribution and motor control centers, contrary to both parts of the application, power distribution cabinet used in loop load and less dispersed parts, and motor control center in the loop, parts of the load set.

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