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Switch-Disconnector Daily Maintenance
- Aug 15, 2017 -

Because high-voltage wires require routine maintenance, Switch-Disconnector they need to operate high-voltage isolating switches to isolate power supplies. , Through the survey results, mechanical failure is the main type of failure. For example: the installation of an irrational or mechanical corrosion and a series of problems, a direct result of the conductive circuit temperature is too high, Switch-Disconnector the insulation fracture, causing serious security incidents. Therefore, it should be comprehensive analysis: to find the root causes of failure, regular maintenance care, timely detection of problems, prevention of safety accidents, it is worth mentioning that the operation of the pillars of porcelain insulator fracture is the most harmful, the most serious consequences Mechanical failure, the reason can be analyzed from the following points: First, Switch-Disconnector the insulator itself, the quality of the insulator quality is not compliance, the manufacturer did not strictly grasp the quality level led to a great security risk. From the failure of the fracture insulator can be found, the fracture of the insulator without exception, there are many impurities and cracks, poor quality of the glue, and even insulators without asphalt as a buffer layer. In addition to quality problems, there are still congenital design flaws, unreasonable workmanship and improper operation of the process of making porcelain, making the interface of the insulator and flange interface defects, which will cause the use of insulators shorter time, poor quality. Insulators long-term in harsh environments, Switch-Disconnector by the strong electromagnetic radiation and corrosion, the aging of the insulator serious; second in the earthquake disaster, due to strong vibration of the insulator is also likely to break the accident.

First of all reproduction links, technical aspects to firmly check, must be in accordance with the design to manufacture, but also according to the design to determine the required materials, we should pay attention to the overall grasp of quality. On the porcelain rupture remediation problem, Switch-Disconnector first of all to do isolation switch in technology and design is the standard, and its design should meet the basic requirements. In addition, we should strengthen the technical aspects of its production links, re-manufacturing links should pay attention to the selection of high quality raw materials, and the need for integrity and technical standards of the manufacturers to cooperate, in order to better ensure the quality, but also with the manufacturers to sign, Switch-Disconnector So that the quality requirements and product testing, production and operation in a series of links, the presence of staff should be in strict accordance with the requirements of production operations, if there are technical errors or other failures, should be an emergency treatment, can not be forced to run.

Isolating switch circuit temperature is too high is a serious security risk, due to the circuit overheating caused by the normal operation of the equipment case a few. The following measures can be taken, for example, to appropriately adjust the depth of the contact insertion, and to keep the contact clean, or to introduce an automatically clean contact. But also timely prevention of high temperature phenomenon, Switch-Disconnector to set a good temperature detector, once the temperature is higher than the normal value on the need for timely processing. If you want to strengthen the intensity of cleaning, you can use the way of cleaning. In the previous fault analysis can be seen, the rust resistance of mechanical devices is very important, therefore, Switch-Disconnector to carry out regular anti-rust measures, such as: timely lubrication to the various components, mechanical parts can be made of stainless steel, enhanced sealing to improve its Waterproof performance. Finally, Switch-Disconnector we must pay attention to timely maintenance, spare parts in the mechanical parts of the repair parts, if the parts there are security risks, then even within the maintenance period can not guarantee any failure of the normal operation of the machine. But there is a need to remind, if only to cope with the inspection and repair, routine, Switch-Disconnector this will not only fail to achieve the desired purpose, but will result in waste of resources, no efficient work is not done.