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Terminal Blocks Recognition Method
- Sep 28, 2017 -

The terminal is a kind of accessory product which is used to realize electrical connection, which is divided into the category of connectors. With the increasing degree of industrial automation and more stringent and accurate industrial control requirements, the use of terminals gradually increases. With the development of the electronic industry, the use of terminal terminals is increasing and the variety is more and more. At present, the most widely used are not only the PCB terminal, but also hardware terminal, nut terminal, spring terminal and so on.

Terminal is applied for the convenience of the connection wire, it is actually a seal inside the insulation plastic pieces of metal, with a hole at both ends can be inserted into conductor, a screw is used to tighten or loosen, such as two wire, sometimes need to connection, sometimes need to disconnect, then connect them can use the terminal, and can be disconnected at any time, without having to weld them up or intertwined, very convenient. And suitable for a large number of wires connected, in the electric power industry is a special terminal, terminal box, above all terminal, single, double, current, voltage, ordinary, can be broken, and so on. A certain pressure area is to ensure reliable contact and to ensure sufficient current.

Scope of application

This standard sets out various methods for identifying the wiring terminals of electrical equipment (hereinafter referred to as the equipment), and has developed a general rule for identifying device terminals and specific conductor lines.

This standard applies to devices (such as resistors, fuse, relay, contactor, transformer, motor, etc.) and the equipment of a combination of the identification mark of terminals, can also be applied to the identification on specific wire line.

If necessary, these general rules can be given in the relevant standards for the detailed application of certain products and the necessary assistive identification methods.

Recognition method

One or more of the following methods can be used to identify device terminals and specific wire ends.

1. Identify and identify the actual or relative position of the terminal or specific wire of the device by using the marking system of the relevant products.

The marking system of the relevant products is used to identify and identify the color marks of the terminal and the specific conductor.

3 adopt the graphic symbol specified in GB5465. If the auxiliary symbol is required, the figure in GB4728 should be consistent.

4 adopt the alphanumeric symbols specified in chapter 5 of this standard

The problem of occurrence is to make a statistic and solution plan.

1, splicing portfolio growth figures deformation problem, the main reason is caused by unreasonable structure before and after the two splicing falcons in the up and down or so unbalanced force, as shown in the structure design should consider the splicing falcon direction of force and deformation.

2. The problem of screw preventing, in this respect I suggest to try to keep the neck out, because it avoids the trouble caused by the screw rod and the tolerance accuracy of the hoops. And the structure reliable tolerance is easy to control.

3, screw and take rebar after plating salt spray test, because in 2012 the company screw plating standards (coating is limited, but how much thread corresponding to the coating thickness I think remains to be determined), solve the problem under the normal operation of the electroplating process, there are two ways to select the correct hole sealing agent and by several times coating electroplating, the two methods are produced to cover screw with the naked eye can't see the pore. It is suggested to use the first method, and the key of this method is the study of the formulation of the sealing agent.

4, the problem of insertion force, involves the contents of this aspect is more, it has to do with material, electroplating, structure and application of industry, connector industry is an important mechanical performance requirements, plug type terminal, the choice of materials in terms of insertion force by the conductivity (current) and the limitation of the contact resistance and temperature rise. In this case, the details are not explained. Electroplating is mainly the type of coating and the influence of preplating.