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The Principle Of Circuit Breaker
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Circuit breaker contact system, arc systems, operating mechanisms, tripping, shell, and so on.

When the short circuit, high current (typically 10 to 12 times) to overcome the force of the magnetic field produced spring,

Release pull the operator, switch the instantaneous tripping. When overloaded, er, less heat, double metal deformation to a certain extent promote institutional action (current, the greater, the shorter the time).

There is now electronic, acquisition phase current used transformer size compared with the set value, when the current microprocessor signals when an exception to enable electronic release driven operating mechanism.

Circuit breaker is cut off and close the load circuit, and cut off the fault circuit to prevent accidents expanded to ensure safe operation. High voltage circuit breaker breaking 1500V, current 1500-2000A of arc, the arc can stretch to 2m is still burning off. Therefore, the arc of high voltage circuit breaker problem that must be addressed.